When it comes to surfacing concrete, Epoxy Stone is simply the most innovative tool to saving you time and money. There are few in Calgary actually understand the issues and problems of concrete, and the most simple explanation is that concrete is not a perfect product. Concrete just comes with a set of issues and problems that we all have to deal with, and understanding these problems helped us select Duratech Stone to be one of our main products your exterior concrete to restore and protect.

Our Polymer Coating system is designed to protect your concrete and add a wear surface to keep your concrete strong.


STEP 1: Concrete Preparation & Cleaning

Good preparation is key to achieving a long lasting finish. A good pressure wash is typically all that is required, and we utilize a number of preparation techniques including shot blasting, scarifying, and diamond grinding if required.

STEP 2: Repairing Cracks and Concrete Defects

When it comes to fixing concrete, it is highly recommended to only use Epoxy or similar resin repair products to repair the cracks and deterioration.  We only use proven Epoxy Gels to repair all the cracks and deterioration and prevent lifting and allow for a flex and movement in the repaired area.

Most companies for the last 25 years have been using cementitious products such as concrete fill, or even quick curing engineered concrete.  The flaw in this method is the bond, concrete does not bond well with old concrete.  Pressure from beneath the concrete pad, will push through and find the weakest point. It costs less to use cementitious products to perform concrete repairs than Epoxy Gels, however, it is a guaranteed future failure. This is why we use Epoxy Repair Gels to fill all of the deterioration and cracks.

STEP 3: Apply the Epoxy Primecoat

Once the concrete is ready, we will begin to apply an Epoxy prime coat to the surface. While this prime coat is curing, we will apply the Epoxy Stone on top.  This process will leave us with a very strong bond between the concrete and stone.

STEP 4: Apply the Epoxy Stone

We install the Epoxy Stone overlay at 3/8″ – 1/2″ thickness.  We use multiple types of tools to ensure the thickness and profile are perfect.  Expansion joints are also honored as the concrete below is still able to move with the Epoxy Stone overlay.

The epoxy used for the stone is an exterior grade flexible resin.

STEP 5: Apply UV Stable Topcoat

The final step is to apply the wear surface.  We use a Polycarbamide topcoat which is designed for the most damage resistant solutions.  It is oil resistant, rust resistant, easy to clean and does not get affected by UV-Rays.

We apply the Polycarbamide topcoat at 1 Gallon per 250-300 square feet, which gives us a coverage of 6-7 mils over the entire Epoxy Stone coating.

The next day everything will be cured and is ready to be used again!



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What is the cost of an average driveway?
Most companies charge anywhere from $9-$12/per square foot and the average size of a 2 car driveway is 500 square feet.  At Complete Concrete Care, we quote the project based on the amount of work required for the job. We offer fair pricing based on the work required to ensure you have a long-lasting problem-free floor coating.

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