Almost all of home owners are faced with concrete challenges such a cracking and deterioration.  Concrete has been known to be an amazing structural product to build foundations, skyscrapers, and more, however, concrete is not a great wear surface and easily gets affected by road salts other contaminates.

Our Polymer Coating system is designed to protect your concrete and add a wear surface to keep your concrete strong.


STEP 1: Concrete Preparation

Good preparation is key to achieve a long lasting finish. We utilize a number of preparation techniques including shot blasting, scarifying, and diamond grinding. Grinding is the preferred method of prep in most cases, as it aggressively removes surface material while leaving a smooth profile. Our Werkmaster grinding systems are considered among the best available in the world. The eight smaller diamond discs allow these machines to follow contours of the surface while maintaining a very high rate of production. All of our prep systems are designed with dust extraction systems to capture 99% of the dust created.

STEP 2: Repairing Cracks and Concrete Defects

When it comes to fixing concrete, it is highly recommended only to use Epoxy or a similar resin repair products to repair the cracks and deterioration.  We only use proven Epoxy Gels to repair all the cracks and deterioration and prevent lifting and allow for a flex and movement in the repaired area.

Most companies for the last 25 years have been using cementitious products such concrete fill, or even quick curing engineered concrete.  The flaw in this method is the bond, concrete does not bond well with old concrete.  Pressure from beneath the concrete pad, will push through and find the weakest point. It cost less to use cementitious products do perform concrete repairs than Epoxy Gels, however, it is a guaranteed future failure. This is why we use Epoxy repair Gels to fill all of the deterioration and cracks.

STEP 3: Apply the Epoxy Basecoat

Once the concrete is ready, we will begin to apply an Epoxy base coat which cures within 8-12 hours.  Our Epoxy is 100% solids and will not off-gas any harmful odor.  We apply 1 Gallon per 150 square feet, which will give us 10-12 mils of coverage. Using Epoxy over quicker curing products allows for a longer soaking time and a much stronger bond.

STEP 4: Broadcast Decorative Flake

The Flake Blends are a vinyl chip aggregate and is designed to add a slip resistant surface to the flooring system.  Once the Epoxy basecoat is cured, we will scrape the floor and flatten the chips.

We have 6 standard colours of Flake blends available.  Custom orders for a unique Flake Blend are available, and mock-ups are possible for booked projects.

STEP 5: Apply UV Stable Topcoat

The final step is to apply the wear surface.  We use a Polycarbamide topcoat which is designed for mechanic shop floors.  It is oil resistant, rust resistant, easy to clean and does not get affected by UV-Rays.

We apply the Polycarbamide topcoat at 1 Gallon per 125-135 square feet, which gives us a coverage of 12-14 mils and an overall thickness is 22-24 mils for the entire floor coating.

The next day the garage is ready to be used again!


How long will the Flooring System last?

The flooring system is very durable and has the proper thickness to last 10-20 years.

You will be required to reglaze the Flake Coatings every 10-20 years depending on the traffic. Keeping the surface clean, and free of road debris will help increase the life of your Polymer Flake. The cost of a reglaze is much less than the original finish and will be applied at the same consistent thickness as originally installed.

Does it create a lot of dust?

We use dust-collecting vacuums with HEPA Filters designed to keep dust down and eliminates dust clouds.

Will oil and rust effect the coating?

Oil will eventually make its way through the extremely durable top-coat, however, if it is caught within 2-3 months.  The oil will easily be wiped off.  Rust has no effect on the top-coat.

How long will does it take to complete?

Double car garages take about 2 days.  Triple car garages can take up to 3 days. The process is not rushed and we do not use accelerated products complete projects quicker.  Quick curing products are typically more brittle and have less flex.  Also by using slower curing products, It allows for more soaking-time and gives the basecoat a very strong bond.

Will it create a harmful smell?

No,  are products are 100% solids, and it does not off-gas at all. Most products are solvent-based and will release harmful gasses. We only install 100% solids products on garage floors.

What surfaces should I seal?

Exterior concrete in any region subject to freeze-thaw cycles should be sealed.  In these regions, concrete should be sealed for specific purposes such as stain repellence, dust reduction, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance or to maintain an attractive appearance.

What will my sealer repel?

Again, that depends on the product you use. To repel stains, water and deicing salts, use an acrylic-resin sealer or reactive penetrating sealers. For resistance to these substances, use a high-performance system.

I am a home owner, can I purchase the coatings and do it myself?

Regulations have changed for acrylic sealants.  The new product is not as user friendly as the old products.  Extreme caution should be used in application.  This product should be applied by a professional.

Will sealer make my concrete slippery?

Reactive penetrating sealers generally have little effect upon the concrete surface profile or traction. Most topical coatings can affect concrete surface profile, and may require the use of anti-skid additives in areas exposed to foot or vehicle traffic.

What is Complete Concrete Care’s process when applying the coatings?
  • The existing concrete must be thoroughly cleaned with a high pressure washer and any stains treated.
  • After the concrete is dry, a coating of sealer will be rolled professionally on to the existing concrete.
  • Shortly the concrete can be walked on, however the area will be roped off to any vehicle traffic for 24 hours.
How often should I seal my exposed aggregate and stamped concrete?

It is recommended that sealing is completed a minimum of ever 2 years.  Many Complete Concrete Care clients choose to seal yearly as they appreciate the shiny, clean new look once applied.





What is the cost of an average two car garage?
Most companies charge anywhere from $6-$7/per square foot and the average two car garage is 484 square feet (22′ x 22′).  At Complete Concrete Care, we quote the project based on the amount of work required for the job. We offer fair pricing based on the work required to ensure you have a long-lasting problem-free floor coating.

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